Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lori's Mini Album!!

Here it is Lori's Coin envelope mini album!  Will she like it I dont know.... but I hope so!! I made black coin envelopes so they matched and I used Websters Pages Ladies & Gents papers.  I did another ustream class on making this album I will post Pics of that album next!  Thanks for looking!  If you are really interested in creating something similar to this Online art classes can be great for those who would like to expand their artistic talents.  Thanks for visiting!!

Birthday Date Oragnizer

Alright As promised another post with another project!! this one is another project I made on Ustream!!  I really love it because it is so cute, quick, and easy!!  (Insert perverted joke here Bev!!)  Anyhow I made quite a few different inserts for the pockets in this album.  To find the inserts go to the template page on!! There are inserts for every month, for gifts, birthdays, you name it I made an insert for it!

Even more projects!!

Well Here is it another project!! i was inspired by a photo I saw of something like this quite a while ago.  I made this as a cute little first aid kit.  the envelopes, which mimic the look of Maya Roads were made from kraft paper with my cricut and gypsy.  I used the Stella & Rose paper pack from My Minds Eye.  I bound it with my bind it.  I made this project live on ustream so if you are interested visit my ustream channel: minialbumscraps!! thanks for looking I have more to come!!  hugs!


Its Been a long long time and I am soooo Sorry

Well I have really really let the whole blogging thing take a back seat, to the site, to the kids & family, to, well, everything!! I am truly making my effort to become a better blogger. I have more help at the site and I feel so much better about things there. I feel like I can craft!! I feel like I can manage and monitor as i should be!! Things are great. i have been making things since the last post!! For one I have finished up some of the past projects that I had started and not finished. Well now they are finished!! yay!! I have some pics of those things!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Design Team is in Place

Well its been a long long road!! I finally have the MAS design Team in Place!! I am excited to have such talented ladies on my team!! I am going to try to turn over a new leaf! to post, to play, TO BLOG!! lol !!