Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time!!

Well I know I have been the worst blogger ever!! Well technically I would have to blog to be considered a "blogger".  I know I have said it before but I mean it this time when I say I will strive to be a better blogger!! SO although its early I am going to post my new years resolutions!

New Years Resolutions
1.  Eat Healthy & exercise  (i gained 70lbs with my last child and lost about 15 of that)
2.  Be a Blogger - I am going to strive to post a minimum of once a week
3.  Have date night once a week with the hubby
4.  Do a fun outing with the kids at least once or twice a month
5.  Continue to grow and improve my ning site
6.  Change my contacts or wear my glasses more often

Well you all out here in blogger land have heard it first.  Will I stick with it...I am REALLY going to try!! I will blog and let you all know!!