Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time!!

Well I know I have been the worst blogger ever!! Well technically I would have to blog to be considered a "blogger".  I know I have said it before but I mean it this time when I say I will strive to be a better blogger!! SO although its early I am going to post my new years resolutions!

New Years Resolutions
1.  Eat Healthy & exercise  (i gained 70lbs with my last child and lost about 15 of that)
2.  Be a Blogger - I am going to strive to post a minimum of once a week
3.  Have date night once a week with the hubby
4.  Do a fun outing with the kids at least once or twice a month
5.  Continue to grow and improve my ning site
6.  Change my contacts or wear my glasses more often

Well you all out here in blogger land have heard it first.  Will I stick with it...I am REALLY going to try!! I will blog and let you all know!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

ElizabethMae's New Digi's!!

Hey everyone! I am very excited to tell you about the new digi stamps at!  There are some really cute ones for the holidays.  My card for this week uses one of the new release stamps!!  I used the Blitzen paper line from bobunny.  I got out my nesties and my copics to finish this card off.  I also used some of my bling from the JoAnns dollar spot.  Check out the new digis!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ustream Last night

Ustream last night was great!  I have so much fun getting together with everyone!  We started the stationary box and it went really great.  WWe completed the box and the boxes embeliies.  One day this week we will be working on the cards and tags that will go in it!!  For more info about the ustream classes you can usually find it on the main page of!  Thanks for looking and crafting with me!

before ustream yesterday we took a little trip out to the pumpkin farm!  What a blast!  Anytime to get the family all together is great!!  The kids picked out some pumpkins (far too many I think we ended up with 7 or 8), they played in the corn box (like a giant sandbox box but with corn instead), rode on the tractor for a hayride, and played in the jungle gtm pirate ship!!  Mom & Dad also bought some goodies in the store too!! Dad loves halloweeen its his favorite !!

Think Pink inspired Card

Hey everyone!! Well this weeks card challenge was to think pink!  I love pink! but I needed to think of a way to incorporate my love of the color pink as well the breast cancer awareness that should be brought by the color itself!  So this card is what I came up with.  Simple, yes I know.  Does it scream save the ta-ta's, no it doesnt.  but I do think it looks good all the same!! so with out further ado heres this weeks card featuring ElizabethMae's digi!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

New fall Card featuring ElizabethMae's digi!!

Hey everyone!! I am doing my second post for the second week woohoo!! are you all impressed?? I am impressed with myself lol!! I worked on making a card today using some Kraft card stock, the studio g fall owl & tree & leaves paper I found and my new favorite digi, one of the dress forms for  I printed it out on a piece of Georgia Pacific 110lb card stock (not my favorite mind you), colored it up with my copics, die cut & embossed it with my spellbinder lacey oval large die, inked it with some antique linen, and put the pieces together to create this card!  It came together kind of slow for me since I had colored it first and tried to match paper second (which never works out for me)., but once I got it going I was pretty happy with the end result!!  If you haven't stopped over to see the digi's at ElizabethMae's you need to asap!! There are some really great digi's over there and they are all super duper reasonable in price!   Not only does she have some digi's but also has some pockets, and other goodies as well!  Maybe try your hand at one of her challenges!!

We have soooo many great swaps going on at my ning site right now!! The halloween themes are closing up and that means CHRISTMAS themes are coming!! Stop over at minialbumscraps!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design Team For ElizabethMae!!

Hey everyone I know it seems like it has been forevaaaaa right lol!! I know! Well here is me coming back, making a blog commitment!  And with that I want to tell you all that I am going to be working on DeNetra's design team over at her blog!! I made a card for her challenge using one of her cute digital stamps called Sext Fairy Too.  I colored her in with my copics, used some of my favorite paper from the Lost & found collection by My Mind's Eye, ssome kraft cardstock for the cardbase, some twine, and a key charm from my stash.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  Oh I almost forgot the challenge was HEARTS, so I used my corner heart punch from Martha Stewart and I used three little heart pearl brads at the top.  thank you all for stopping by and if you would love to learn to create amazing art and designs like this, you may be interested in the art and design class you can find information at:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lori's Mini Album!!

Here it is Lori's Coin envelope mini album!  Will she like it I dont know.... but I hope so!! I made black coin envelopes so they matched and I used Websters Pages Ladies & Gents papers.  I did another ustream class on making this album I will post Pics of that album next!  Thanks for looking!  If you are really interested in creating something similar to this Online art classes can be great for those who would like to expand their artistic talents.  Thanks for visiting!!

Birthday Date Oragnizer

Alright As promised another post with another project!! this one is another project I made on Ustream!!  I really love it because it is so cute, quick, and easy!!  (Insert perverted joke here Bev!!)  Anyhow I made quite a few different inserts for the pockets in this album.  To find the inserts go to the template page on!! There are inserts for every month, for gifts, birthdays, you name it I made an insert for it!

Even more projects!!

Well Here is it another project!! i was inspired by a photo I saw of something like this quite a while ago.  I made this as a cute little first aid kit.  the envelopes, which mimic the look of Maya Roads were made from kraft paper with my cricut and gypsy.  I used the Stella & Rose paper pack from My Minds Eye.  I bound it with my bind it.  I made this project live on ustream so if you are interested visit my ustream channel: minialbumscraps!! thanks for looking I have more to come!!  hugs!


Its Been a long long time and I am soooo Sorry

Well I have really really let the whole blogging thing take a back seat, to the site, to the kids & family, to, well, everything!! I am truly making my effort to become a better blogger. I have more help at the site and I feel so much better about things there. I feel like I can craft!! I feel like I can manage and monitor as i should be!! Things are great. i have been making things since the last post!! For one I have finished up some of the past projects that I had started and not finished. Well now they are finished!! yay!! I have some pics of those things!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Design Team is in Place

Well its been a long long road!! I finally have the MAS design Team in Place!! I am excited to have such talented ladies on my team!! I am going to try to turn over a new leaf! to post, to play, TO BLOG!! lol !!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Altered Cd!!

Well I have finally been able to post about the cd's that I have been altering for the live laugh love banner that we are making as a swap on  We had to make 3 of the same cd's with the same word, we will keep one of those and mail the other two off and get back the other two words you didnt use (I hope that made sense lol!!)  I had to use the word laugh which proved to be slightly challenging!! Laugh was hard to fit across that tiny cd!! Especially when I couldnt find a font that I liked.  Well I finally got them finished after staring at emplty cd's for quite some time! Creating new designs can be difficult, but if you have a passion for design like I do, you may want to look into the information on classes at:

I used my cricut to cut the black scallops out in the background.  Once I attached those then I cut a circle out of cream and black paper that was from DCWV's Bella Armoire stack.  I cut a strip from the same paper pack (different print) for the srtipe down the left side.  I then added a black cardstock strip across the front.  I anchored that iwth the red ribbon and three rhinestones under that.  I edged it with some IAMROSES flowers and tipped those with stickles.  The letters were cut from red cardstock with my cricut and run through my xyron.  I think I am pretty happy with it. For now at least lol!!
One project down ........can't even count how many to go!  thanks for visiting !!

Monday, July 11, 2011

After the "sort"

Well, I finally finished the twilight sort!  I got all the Twilight tags sorted up, packaged and ready to go.   Not only that I have also mailed nearly all of them out!! WooHoo!! Can you believe it?!?! I know I can't lol!!  I have about 4 more to mail out so I am off to the post office this morning!  I know the Twihards at the site will be happy to get them! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey all you Twihards out there!! Are you all ready for the second Twilight swap???  I know I am!! So for this swap we are going to use ANY scene, quote, or character from New Moon!!  For more details and to sign up for this swap visit!!   The tags from the first movie are starting to come in and wow are they awesome!! Some of them are like little works of amazing art!! i will be doing another giveaway for the particpants of this swap also!!  Check it out visit!!                                                                                                                                                               

Kimi's Ustream Class

Hi everyone!! For those of you that missed Kimi's ustream class it was awesom go check it out.  She is and Kimibee09 uniquescrappiness on ustream!  The little suitcase matchbox was super duper cute!! Watch for a swap on Minialbumscraps to open sometime in the 1st week of july!!

500 Members!! Woohoo

WOW Canyou believe it Minialbumscraps has passed the 500 member mark!?!?! Wow how amazing is that! Not only has the site grown tremebdously, but things are running so smoothly and so wonderfully!!  The swaps are going great, the rules are being enforced without any issues.  Actually most people LOVE the rules and that I enforce them; the only people that dont like the rules are swippers and flakers!!  We have had only 1 flaker out of all of the swaps combined over the passed 6 weeks!!  Amazing! I remember being in other swaps and having a minimum of one person flake PER SWAP lol!! Not at MAS!! I couldnt ask for better!! The members are so awesome and welcoming!! I have an exciting giveaway that we are going to do more info to come....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Have you ever been burned by a swap partner?  Have you ever sent something out and waited 3 or more MONTHS to get your swapped items back?  Have you ever been burned by a swapper only to see them sigining up for other swaps?  Well I have the solution for you!!

About 2 months ago the opportunity arose for me to take over as the owner and administrator of (aka MAS).  Well, one of the first things I did was to post VERY strict swapping rules, and not only have I posted them but I have also ENFORCED them.  The rules are as follows:
If you are in a one on one swap (a swap that you have a partner) and you partner sends you something and you send nothing in return you are PERMENANTLY done swapping at MAS!  I understand you may have been sick but not for 6 weeks! and yes maybe something came up but not for the whole swap period!  The rules are strictly enforced.  If you take from a swapper and you dont give back then I will delete your thieving butt from the site, period! no negotiations, no discussions, you are just DONE.  There are far to many other sites with lax rules that don't protect their members so flakers and swippers please stay there!

Being late: If you do have an emergency or issue that prevents you from shipping on time we understand that.  I strongly believe in FAMILY FIRST.  I completely understand that life does happen.  We do require communication however.  So as long as you let me know that you have a problem we can work something out.  Now here is the issue with this, while I understand life happens sometimes it seems that some people have the worst luck ever and "life" happens to them swap after swap.  This is a no go at MAS.  If you are late once you must ship your next 3 swaps EARLY.  If you can not get your swaps in by the deadline I will NOT hold the swap up for you I will write return to sender on the package and send it back, and you will again be PERMENANTLY removed from swapping!

Another question that I have been asked is why are all the swaps sent to me, and ONLY hosted by administration at the site?  The sites are hosted only by administration so that the rules can be upheld and enforced.  This also gaurantees a level of professionalism and fairness by the hosts.  I have been flaked on TWO times elsewhere by the host!! That will NEVER happen at MAS!!.  This is also one of the reasons all of the swaps come to me.  Swaps come to me so that I can check you postmarked dates, and to be sure they arrived on time and also to ensure that I know where your projects are and how they are handled.  Also this is done so the swaps are mailed back in a timely manner.  And the final reason for all the swaps coming to me is that Kimi my administrator lives in Australia and its far to expensive to pay for shipping there and back it would just be silly!! 

So if you are saying "well geez I was going to go to MAS but I wanted to host the blah blah swap"  i can meet you halfway and do this"  while I cannot let non administration host if you message me the swap you want up and the details I will post it for you!  I will give you credit and post all your rules and details.  The only difference is the swaps are going to be mailed to me.

Now because of these rules and tactics I can do somethign that NO OTHER Ning site offers:  I will personally PROMISE each and EVERY member of MAS that if they particpate in a swap at MAS they will NOT EVER walk away empty handed!  the stringent rules seriously limits the number of flakers, and if someone flakes they will never swap at MAS again so it hardly ever happens.  If you would be on the wrong side of a bad swap I will make sure that your swap is angeled so that you get what was due to you!  This is how I can promise you that you will NEVER walk away from MAS empty handed!!

Now some of you are saying well if you remove someone from the site you wont have as many memebers.  While that may be true i feel like this I would rather have 50 AWESOME & GREAT swappers than 500 so-so swappers, flakers, and swippers!!

I know you are probably saying WOW!! I know right!! I think it is silly to suspend someone from swapping for a month or two, and even sillier to say sorry can't help you its done at your own risk.  Well I can help it and I am!  SO if you are fed up with waiting for late swaps and even more fed up with having your crafts stolen stop by MINIALBUMSCRAPS.NING.COM and check out all the awesome swaps, the great people that actually CHAT in our chat, and post a little something in the forum!!  Oh yeah and there is also a GREAT STORE WITH REALLY LOW prices available ONLY to memebers of MAS!! Thanks!! I hope to see you there!

I hope to see all of you GOOD swappers
Having such stringent rules at MAS allows me to

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Design Team Call!!

Hi everyone again I am back with EXCITING news!! is looking for a design team!!  Oh yes you heard me right I said DESIGN TEAM CALL!!  So heres the deets:
  •  make TWO (2) original projects and post a video or post detailed pictures. 
  • One project can be ANYTHING you want!  Alter something, make a layout, card, tag, an ATC, do whatever you would like anyway you would like. 
  • Project number 2(two) needs to be a mini album.  You can make any type or style of mini you want.  The only requirement for the mini is that it is smaller than 8x8!  Let yourcreativity run wild and make your mini out of whatever you want!
  • You will need to post either a video or photos of you entries.  If you post a video please go to my youtube: lisachasecaleigh and post a video response.  If you are posting pictures please post clear detailed pics that include design team call or something similar in the title info so that we know its your entry. 
  • Entries Must be posred on or before August 10th! 
  • Entries will be voted on by members and then the final selections will be done by Kimi, Bev, and I!
  • Design team members will be providing at least two projects a month - these do not have to be huge projects and may be soemthign as small and simple as a tag or some ATC's
  • Some months I will be giving a theme or a specific project to create and some months you will have creative freedom!
  • I will be giving products away at certain times to design team members.  This will be for you to use on the projects that you are making.  Some times I may give away a package of something small and some times I will be giving entire mini kits!!
  • Design team members will be on for a six(6) month time period
  • Design team members will have the opportunity to do ustream and/or tutorials on youtube
Good luck to everyone please ask me if you have ANY questions!  Do your best work and bring your "A game"!  I can not wait to see what you all create!!

Hugs, Lisa

Sunday, June 5, 2011

~~Exciting News~~

Hi everyone I know that it has been a little while but I can explain!!  I have been hard at work on my ning site, opening a new store!! Oh yes my scrappy friends you have heard me right!  Right now I am still getting things in so that they are here when you order them!  I have a TON of Tim Holtz goodies!  I also am waiting for my shipment of Graphic 45's new WIZARD OF OZ paper pads in 12 x 12 and 8x8!! I also have some Curtain Call pads and Once Upon a Springtime pads coming!! (plus little goodies too!!)  I am so excited to be able to offer these to you !! The 12x12 Oz pads are $16.00 and the 8x8 Oz pads are $8.99!!  I can combine shipping of course and will ONLY charge you shipping NEVER a handling fee!! Check it out !! These prices are a great deal!! I also have the vagabond on sale for $199.00!! Yeppers you heard me right!! so check it out ! These prices are a benefit to the members of my ning site so check it out !! Sign up look the site over talk to other members post some pictures to inspire!! Check it out!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twilight & True Blood Swap Info!!!

Hey everybody!! I am so excited to announce the start of my Twilight Swap!! I am also opening a group for True Blood fans!! I have it planned so that the swaps will run for 6 weeks, starting with the first Twilight movie for the 1st 6weeks, doing the next movie next sswap , and so on.  After we make the 3Tags we will need to do a mini album page swap so that we have a mini album to put them in!!

I have another suprise Twilight fans!! For those of you that participate in each swap I will giving a random winner an awesome Twilight Prize!!! So there will be a NEW WINNER EVERY 6 WEEKS TILL THE BREAKING DAWN RELEASE!!

Guess what !! Thats not it!! for those of you that do all 3 tags I will give you a charm assembly to go onto your mini album from the last swap!! The charm will incude (but are not limited to,) an apple, Bella's truck, a wolf, Forks( to represent Forks,WA), a swan, vampire teeth, a moon, a baby carriage, and a few suprises ...
I will give EERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT that completes all 3 tag swaps and wants to make the mini the charm assembly for FREE!!! How awesome is that!!

To join this swap please go to or leave me a comment saying you want to join below!  The swap info is clearly posted on the ning site  but I will also post it here!
Thanks so much!! Hugs, Lisa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Winner Winner Winner!!

Okay drumroll please.............and the winner is Becky Halfhill!! Becky I am so excited for you!! I will contact you to get your address and send all these goodies out to you!! I am so happy for you!  I want to take a minute to tell everyone that took the time to sign up and leave comments thank you all so much!!
Congrats Becky!!

Alright everyone as promised I will be announcing the winner of my blog candy!!

I hope you all have left your comments and become followers!! I am heading over to the random number generator to have a winner choosen right now!! I will be posting it here as soon as it is selected and announcing the winner on youtube also!!  Thank you everyone who showed some love!!

A lot of Exciting Changes

Alright everyone where to begin where to begin!! Well i am just going to jump right in... I am the proud new "owner"/administrator of!  I am so excited to take the site to new levels and create a wonderful place for all us crafters to get together chat, hang out, and swap ideas, inspiration, and of course our crafts!! If you want to see all the exciting new changes or have nay questions concerning the site itself please feel free to ask me, I will answer you!!  Come visit me and check out the awesome swaps going on at !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tattered Time & Tim Holtz Kit!!

Hi everyone!! I am bringing an amazing kit your way!!  I can not explain how packed it is with goodies!! There are so many little things packed into this awesome kit along with an entire 6x6 section of the mat stack thats a whole 48 pieces!  I am going to go ahead and list the breakdown of what you get and post some pictures along with the video. 

Tattered Time kit contents
48 sheets of Tattered Time DCWV 6x6 paper
6 med wt chipboard baroque die cuts
6 #6Coin envelopes (yellow)
6 #1Coin envelopes (white)
6 large #8 Tim Holtz tags w/ hole protectors (manila) These tags fit perfectly into the #6coin envies!!
2 small keyhole brad type things
2 altered keys
2 black skeleton keys (ek success)
2 Large Tim Holtz Gears (1light weight piece white & 1med weight chipboard)
3 med TH gears (2med & 1white)
3 Small TH gears (2med & 1white)
4 rectangular bookplates in manila & centers (TH die)
4 oval bookplates in manila with centers (TH die)
1 Graphic 45 tag Envelope
1 Package Square Stick on "brad look" embellies
1 Large Rinestone Swirl
2 med Rhinestone swirl
1 small rhinestone swirl clear & champagne
1 TH clock face (lg size)
1 TH small game spinner & 1 TH med game spinner including the brads
6 screw look brads (3regular head &3 philips head)
2 vintage beads
1 Clock Charm
2 TH charm clips & 2 jump rings
1 TH word Stick
1TH metal corner
3 TH gears
3 vintage WOOD dominoes (they can be sanded)
8 i am roses flowers all med sized
1 TH trinket pin
2 TH mini paperclips
6 #5 tags (4 are stamped or inked & 1 completed tag that is stamped embossed masked with 3d elements)
9 TH adage Tickets
8 pc of ribbon 18inch of each
2 pc lace 12inch of each
1pc vintage ribbon 12inch

WOW I think thats everything!! I know I know there is SO SO much!!! I know ! This kit will be so much fun!! The kit is $48 including the shipping Please message or comment if your interested  Thanks for looking!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Candy!! Become a Follower and WIN!!

Hey everybody!! i have some really great news for everyone!  I want to give out this great blog candy to one of my followers!  Ok so let me give you some info and get this blog party started!
I am particpating in a Mother's Day blog hop sponsored by  It starts on April 28th at Nichole's blog and ends at Kimibee's blog! I am not sure if everyone is doing a give away but I do know that Nichole is planning on giving some awesome tags away!  (you guys can just let me win those its cool).  Ok well back to business... To win the awesome blog candy that I have all you have to do is become a follower on my blog and leave me a comment saying that you did so!  Want an extra chance to win?? ok well stop by my youtube Lisachasecaleigh and subscribe and stop back here and leave me another comment saying that you are a subscriber at my youtube! Its that easy!!  The drawing will take place on May 8th on and I will film it and post it here and on youtube!  I am excited and I hope you are too!!  I can't wait to see you all become followers and subbies!!  For an upclose view of what is included in the blog candy watch my video!!  If you are the winner of these items, you may be interested in taking classes from art colleges to learn how to use the supplies!!

My Little yellow bicycle Acrylic & chipboard Album
My Little Yellow Bicycle Coordinating paper pack FreshPrint Clothesline
4 Copic Markers
1 Coaster Set
3 Packs Pearls
Wooden Music Note Stamp
2 Ribbon Slides
Recollections Lace Flower Corners
Inkadinkadoo Flower Stamp Set
Cloud 9 Epoxy Stickers
2 Packages Charms
35 Loose charms, (angels, Hello Kitty, dress on hanger, angel wings, keys, etc)
 2 Tim Holtz clock Faces
TH Tissue Tape
2 TH metal Corners
3 TH clothes hanger clips
1 Full size bottle PEARL glimmer mist
4 music note paper clips
handful silver mini binder clips
glossy accents
Ranger Matte glue and Seal
Websters Pages Silhouhette Cameos
Websters Pages Sparklers
Sparkle Modge Podge
6 Coin Envelopes
6 mini white coin envelopes
8 Spring Wigglers 
assorted Greeting Farm images on Copic safe Paper
There is so much stuff here!!! become a follower and win!! 
Also if you guys want to stop back for the blog hop I will be posting a suprise that will be availabel on that day only!! Stop back!