Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twilight & True Blood Swap Info!!!

Hey everybody!! I am so excited to announce the start of my Twilight Swap!! I am also opening a group for True Blood fans!! I have it planned so that the swaps will run for 6 weeks, starting with the first Twilight movie for the 1st 6weeks, doing the next movie next sswap , and so on.  After we make the 3Tags we will need to do a mini album page swap so that we have a mini album to put them in!!

I have another suprise Twilight fans!! For those of you that participate in each swap I will giving a random winner an awesome Twilight Prize!!! So there will be a NEW WINNER EVERY 6 WEEKS TILL THE BREAKING DAWN RELEASE!!

Guess what !! Thats not it!! for those of you that do all 3 tags I will give you a charm assembly to go onto your mini album from the last swap!! The charm will incude (but are not limited to,) an apple, Bella's truck, a wolf, Forks( to represent Forks,WA), a swan, vampire teeth, a moon, a baby carriage, and a few suprises ...
I will give EERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT that completes all 3 tag swaps and wants to make the mini the charm assembly for FREE!!! How awesome is that!!

To join this swap please go to minialbumscraps.ning.com or leave me a comment saying you want to join below!  The swap info is clearly posted on the ning site  but I will also post it here!
Thanks so much!! Hugs, Lisa


  1. I would like to join Lisa! Ive never been to that ning site but I will have to check it out.
    Amber Baker

  2. Hi Lisa, would love to join the swap - I LOVE TWILIGHT! I've put a request in at the other site, but count me in!

    bev a

  3. i would like to join

    elizabeth falcon