Monday, October 17, 2011

Ustream Last night

Ustream last night was great!  I have so much fun getting together with everyone!  We started the stationary box and it went really great.  WWe completed the box and the boxes embeliies.  One day this week we will be working on the cards and tags that will go in it!!  For more info about the ustream classes you can usually find it on the main page of!  Thanks for looking and crafting with me!

before ustream yesterday we took a little trip out to the pumpkin farm!  What a blast!  Anytime to get the family all together is great!!  The kids picked out some pumpkins (far too many I think we ended up with 7 or 8), they played in the corn box (like a giant sandbox box but with corn instead), rode on the tractor for a hayride, and played in the jungle gtm pirate ship!!  Mom & Dad also bought some goodies in the store too!! Dad loves halloweeen its his favorite !!

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