Saturday, June 25, 2011

500 Members!! Woohoo

WOW Canyou believe it Minialbumscraps has passed the 500 member mark!?!?! Wow how amazing is that! Not only has the site grown tremebdously, but things are running so smoothly and so wonderfully!!  The swaps are going great, the rules are being enforced without any issues.  Actually most people LOVE the rules and that I enforce them; the only people that dont like the rules are swippers and flakers!!  We have had only 1 flaker out of all of the swaps combined over the passed 6 weeks!!  Amazing! I remember being in other swaps and having a minimum of one person flake PER SWAP lol!! Not at MAS!! I couldnt ask for better!! The members are so awesome and welcoming!! I have an exciting giveaway that we are going to do more info to come....

1 comment:

  1. doin the happy happy joy joy dance!! MAS ROCKS!!!! BIG TIME!!!!! WOOOOT WOOOT