Thursday, June 16, 2011


Have you ever been burned by a swap partner?  Have you ever sent something out and waited 3 or more MONTHS to get your swapped items back?  Have you ever been burned by a swapper only to see them sigining up for other swaps?  Well I have the solution for you!!

About 2 months ago the opportunity arose for me to take over as the owner and administrator of (aka MAS).  Well, one of the first things I did was to post VERY strict swapping rules, and not only have I posted them but I have also ENFORCED them.  The rules are as follows:
If you are in a one on one swap (a swap that you have a partner) and you partner sends you something and you send nothing in return you are PERMENANTLY done swapping at MAS!  I understand you may have been sick but not for 6 weeks! and yes maybe something came up but not for the whole swap period!  The rules are strictly enforced.  If you take from a swapper and you dont give back then I will delete your thieving butt from the site, period! no negotiations, no discussions, you are just DONE.  There are far to many other sites with lax rules that don't protect their members so flakers and swippers please stay there!

Being late: If you do have an emergency or issue that prevents you from shipping on time we understand that.  I strongly believe in FAMILY FIRST.  I completely understand that life does happen.  We do require communication however.  So as long as you let me know that you have a problem we can work something out.  Now here is the issue with this, while I understand life happens sometimes it seems that some people have the worst luck ever and "life" happens to them swap after swap.  This is a no go at MAS.  If you are late once you must ship your next 3 swaps EARLY.  If you can not get your swaps in by the deadline I will NOT hold the swap up for you I will write return to sender on the package and send it back, and you will again be PERMENANTLY removed from swapping!

Another question that I have been asked is why are all the swaps sent to me, and ONLY hosted by administration at the site?  The sites are hosted only by administration so that the rules can be upheld and enforced.  This also gaurantees a level of professionalism and fairness by the hosts.  I have been flaked on TWO times elsewhere by the host!! That will NEVER happen at MAS!!.  This is also one of the reasons all of the swaps come to me.  Swaps come to me so that I can check you postmarked dates, and to be sure they arrived on time and also to ensure that I know where your projects are and how they are handled.  Also this is done so the swaps are mailed back in a timely manner.  And the final reason for all the swaps coming to me is that Kimi my administrator lives in Australia and its far to expensive to pay for shipping there and back it would just be silly!! 

So if you are saying "well geez I was going to go to MAS but I wanted to host the blah blah swap"  i can meet you halfway and do this"  while I cannot let non administration host if you message me the swap you want up and the details I will post it for you!  I will give you credit and post all your rules and details.  The only difference is the swaps are going to be mailed to me.

Now because of these rules and tactics I can do somethign that NO OTHER Ning site offers:  I will personally PROMISE each and EVERY member of MAS that if they particpate in a swap at MAS they will NOT EVER walk away empty handed!  the stringent rules seriously limits the number of flakers, and if someone flakes they will never swap at MAS again so it hardly ever happens.  If you would be on the wrong side of a bad swap I will make sure that your swap is angeled so that you get what was due to you!  This is how I can promise you that you will NEVER walk away from MAS empty handed!!

Now some of you are saying well if you remove someone from the site you wont have as many memebers.  While that may be true i feel like this I would rather have 50 AWESOME & GREAT swappers than 500 so-so swappers, flakers, and swippers!!

I know you are probably saying WOW!! I know right!! I think it is silly to suspend someone from swapping for a month or two, and even sillier to say sorry can't help you its done at your own risk.  Well I can help it and I am!  SO if you are fed up with waiting for late swaps and even more fed up with having your crafts stolen stop by MINIALBUMSCRAPS.NING.COM and check out all the awesome swaps, the great people that actually CHAT in our chat, and post a little something in the forum!!  Oh yeah and there is also a GREAT STORE WITH REALLY LOW prices available ONLY to memebers of MAS!! Thanks!! I hope to see you there!

I hope to see all of you GOOD swappers
Having such stringent rules at MAS allows me to

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